We bring people and businesses together that traditionally would not have found one another...

Companies with a limited operating history,

often newly created or in a phase of development and research for markets.

It is actually while starting up your own business that you realize that you need some professional help to not only guide you along the way but also to give you professional advice on a host of other things.

Our company have financial and business development expertise and resources and provide a broad array of services with particular emphasis on growing businesses and industries.


We enjoy seeking and recognizing the value in businesses. 

We help founders raise capital, build strategic partnerships, and get acquired.

We bring people and businesses together that traditionally would not have found one another. We help developing real businesses that make sense, that have value and more importantly show profitability.

We serve as Start-ups CFO, Business Development Consultant, or Advisor. We also develop outstanding investor presentations, financial models, and business plans.



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Service - Strategy Services

Business Development

Growth strategy

Turnaround strategy

Strategic Management

Marketing and Sales

Corporate Finance

Project Finance

Capital Raising

Debt Restructuring

Value Creation

Financial Management


Profit and cash optimization

Organization redesign

Supply Chain Management

Organization performance


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