We assist finding the opportunities matching your interest, business size and growth prospects...

Helping individual investors monitor business opportunities or expand the deals pipeline.


We are helping individual investors screening business opportunities and structuring transactions. We also help to get access to a wide range of business ideas, projects, and proposals.

Commercial investors do not need to be told that significant investments of capital require a thorough evaluation of chances and risks. From Intres Advisory you can obtain a competent and independent assessment of the applicant’s claims.

We assist in finding the opportunities matching your industry interest, risk appetite, and growth prospects.

We can evaluate a business plan and carry out an independent assessment of the market projections, competition, intellectual property, capital requirements and strength of the management team.

For these purposes, we can study documents such as business plans, proposals, R & D plans, patents, etc., carry out independent market research, interview industry experts and compile the results in a well-written report.


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    Individual Investors

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