Intres Advisory holds an extensive network of business people seeking new ideas for investment...

Individuals who have a product, technology or business model idea.

The investor community gets thousands of business plans. Does your Business plan stand above the rest and grasp attention? 

Our firm holds an extensive network of business professionals who currently seek new product and technology ideas for purchase or investment.

We can also assist our clients in identifying consultants, manufacturers and other resources that can make their path to commercialization of their product or technology idea less challenging.

In the right situations, we carry our client’s business ideas to those in our network.

We specialize in bringing clarity to complex business models and in creating plans tailored for a sophisticated investor audience.

Our consultants and advisors are closely linked with the Venture capital and Private Equity Investor’s community and can also assist in Angel funding.

We ensure that all written materials, business plan, and financial models are up to the best standards. So, if you need to write a plan for funding or to set up your business, contact us to discuss your needs.

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    Individual Entrepreneurs

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