Intres Advisory's global network offers you work in different cultures and business environments...

Consultants begin to develop specialized

knowledge and manage a significant portion of project. They are encouraged to coach junior team members and serve as a thought partner to colleagues.

As a consultant you will work closely with clients to develop deep understanding of competitive issues, create strategies for change and work alongside clients to make those solutions happen.

You will have opportunities to participate in a variety of training programs to build your skills and network with your INTRES Advisory colleagues.


As an INTRES Advisory Network consultant,

you access the quality and variety of work of a top management consulting firm, with all the benefits of working independently.

Some of our people have chosen independent consulting as a career, while others work on projects while considering their next career move or getting involved in their own businesses or projects.

Basically put, INTRES Advisory's global network offers you a wide variety of ways to experience life and work in different cultures and business environments.



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