It's not just what you've done that's interesting to us, it's what you are capable of achieving

We require more than just good grades.

Our aspiration is to change clients, industries, business, even society. Your success in this depends more on your talents than on the focus of your degree.

People with a background in many subjects; business, natural sciences, philosophy, finance, engineering, history, succeed at INTRES Advisory.

We understand that not everyone comes to Intres Advisory with the goal of partnership. Upon joining, you become a lifelong member of a unique global community.

We do, however, look for certain common features.

If you have the experience and talent to work with high calibre colleagues on complex and high profile projects then we would like to hear from you.

In return we will provide opportunities, support and training for you to develop your career to your full capabilities.

As a new hire, you would typically join us depending on your academic qualifications and professional background.  It's not just what you've done that's interesting to us, it’s what you are capable of achieving.

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