As an associate you have the chance to being involved in projects among different industries...

INTRES Advisory offers you an experience that involves many industries.

Clients and business issues with learning coming in all shapes and sizes, from intensive orientation programs to on-the-job apprenticeship.

As an associate, you will be challenged to develop first hand knowledge of clients’ critical business issues, building client-management, problem-solving and communications skills.

You will be given ownership of significant segments of client projects, as well as responsibility for supporting the broader problem-solving effort.

As an associate you will have the chance

to not only being involved in projects among different industries and topics, but also interacting with colleagues from many countries and backgrounds.

You will conduct interviews with key market players and industry specialists and analyse clients’ performance. Your findings and contributions to team discussions, will help deliver impact for clients.

We are keen to hear from experienced consultants and industry experts interested in joining our network of associates.



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