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consumer-goodsx120Industry: Consumer Goods

Client: Manufacturer

 Topic: Global Services


Client Situation: Our client, a large European consumer goods company with global brands and sales activity, was dealing with weakening profitability in one of its core segments. 


With the company operating in a commoditized and highly competitive market, cost reductions were identified as the key lever to raise profits.

The client asked our company to achieve sustainable cost reductions and define an appropriate expansion strategy. Because an initial analysis revealed that an acquisition of major competitors was not feasible, sharper focus was put on the establishment of a joint venture in a low-cost country.

Result: We assisted a consumer goods company assess the viability of a foreign joint venture and enter supplier negotiations.

As a consequence of the transaction, the client expects to generate more than €90 million in revenue and nearly €12 million in incremental cash flow over a three-year period.

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