Being Socially Responsible has a Positive Impact on the Communities and the Environment...

The successful businesses of tomorrow will be those that operate to the highest environmental and social standards.








INTRES Advisory continue to advise clients on how they can meet increasing customer and stakeholder expectations in these areas.

We as INTRES Advisory is committed to creating a healthy and sustainable environment. We are also taking further action to make our own business more sustainable and are strengthening our contribution to local communities.

We collaborate with clients who can produce positive social impact so as to improve their effectiveness in the causes they support.








We focus on building capability and developing ideas that deliver high-impact results and that address some of the world's most pressing issues.

Our corporate Social Responsibility Program hold a wide-ranging set of activities, including consulting to organizations focused on reducing global emissions, supporting important local and global social issues, and providing free of charge consulting.

Our Spirit

Our spirit is the sum of our attitudes and feelings toward each other, its principles and its philosophy.

We are committed to maintaining and enhancing our spirit by constant attention to our philosophy, by reinforcement through adding only persons of goodwill, by individually practicing and supporting behaviour that shows caring attitudes and by discouraging behaviour that does not. 

Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to investing our time, talent, and effort into being an inclusive workplace.

The diversity, individuality and life experiences of our professionals allow them to approach projects from multiple angles, giving INTRES Advisory valuable insights. Our inclusion mission is to promote an inclusive work environment where respect, trust, and integrity are valued and everyone is free to contribute.

Quick Facts

  Business Development Firm

  Established, 19th Jan 2000

  Total Staff, more than 54

  Combining 58 years experience

  80 partners in over 25 countries

  Size of network 3000+

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