Coming together is the beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success...

Our team members are our most valuable assets.

Our flexible network of seasoned consultants and industry executives ensures we complement the client's capabilities with the right team.

INTRES Advisory team is comprised of highly skilled individuals with varied backgrounds and experiences. Our network of strategic partners enable us to provide customized services and solutions.

Our core group of management works with engineers, technology and management professionals to satisfy all your facility-related needs.

CEO Message 

Where our purpose is to provide compelling strategic insight for organisations serving the global business world.

I passionately believe that we bring tremendous value to the organisations that we work with, drawn from a very distinctive blend of both developing and operating for our clients.

We are very good at strategic assignments and seeing the `big picture`, but we are also committed to implementation and delivering immediate results.

Gottfried Feyen

Important Advantages

INTRES Advisory delivers a number of important advantages through an approach based on:

Values of facts, not opinion; we deal with the challenge or opportunity.

Functional insight; it is tailored to the dynamics of your organization.

Strategic execution; we identify how to ensure that project goals align with your immediate needs.

Orchestra Communication

We believe that communication is the key to a successful relationship. 

Our approach is customized because we know that when it comes to servicing clients, each is unique.

Our clients tell us we exceed their expectations because we take ownership of that requirement. 

Regular communication avoids surprises, keeps projects on track and supports a healthy relationship.

Quick Facts

  Business Development Firm

  Established, 19th Jan 2000

  Total Staff, more than 54

  Combining 58 years experience

  80 partners in over 25 countries

  Size of network 3000+

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