We assist our clients in reliably designing and implementing winning strategies practices...

Strategic Management and Strategic Planning are among the “hottest” strategic tools. Many clients want to implement them, but they face a number of “sticky” pitfalls that they cannot solve on their own.

Many organizations find it difficult to implement strategic planning processes for a number of reasons.

These include the complexity of managing a multi-business, multi-geography environment within tight timeframes; the distractions of day-to-day operations, which constrain productivity and stifle creativity.

Our Strategic Management Team helps you make more consistent and informed decisions, through the development and implementation of processes.


INTRES Advisory has extensive experience working with clients to develop processes that harness their knowledge and creativity to create corporate strategies that are comprehensive, innovative, and effective.

We work to identify the largest opportunities to build value within the company.

Our approach to understanding our clients' needs comes from working with them to consider the issues for improvement. This enables us to offer an integrated management that tailors innovative solutions.

We assist our clients in reliably designing and implementing winning strategies practices and move from strategic planning to strategic managing. 



Little of consequence is accomplished unless there is first a dream. After each dream comes the work to make the dream come true.


INTRES Advisory is guided by our philosophy that is based on certain core values and expressed in compacted form by Code of Practice. 


Our inclusion mission is to promote an inclusive work environment which promotes mutualism, where respect, trust and integrity are valued.


Our definition of diversity includes race,  gender,  age and physical ability,  educational background, work experience and thinking style.

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