Intres Advisory assist its clients how to adapt successful organizational structures....

Times are tough for most businesses. As business processes change to reflect new and emerging business needs, the organizational structure often needs to be redesigned.

Organizational redesign can be a traumatic experience for all involved, and may falter as managers lose focus or try to compromise on tough decisions.

To be successful, a redesign must be based on sound organizational analysis and an agreed-to, implementable long-term business strategy.

INTRES Advisory assists companies identify refine and adopt organizational models that can optimize their performance and profitability.


We believe that the best people to be involved in the redesign of a new organization are the people that currently work in the affected jobs. They know the current work.

They can identify big improvement areas. They will be most directly affected by the changes. They are key to the success of any change.

We help clients how to adapt successful organizational structures delineate roles and responsibilities to achieve cost-effective execution.

We address organizational performance and employee engagement simultaneously. This is how we help clients actively resolve complexity.


Little of consequence is accomplished unless there is first a dream. After each dream comes the work to make the dream come true.


INTRES Advisory is guided by our philosophy that is based on certain core values and expressed in compacted form by Code of Practice. 


Our inclusion mission is to promote an inclusive work environment which promotes mutualism, where respect, trust and integrity are valued.


Our definition of diversity includes race,  gender,  age and physical ability,  educational background, work experience and thinking style.

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